Guide for the Best SEO Rank Tracking Software in 2024

Guide for the Best SEO Rank Tracking Software in 2024

Guide for the Best SEO Rank Tracking Software in 2024

Knowing how your website shows up on Google and understanding why it goes up or down in the search results is essential for your success. Luckily, with reliable daily rank tracking software, keeping an eye on your website's performance is as easy as clicking a button

Now, let's dive into the good stuff. After testing more than 18 of the best daily rank tracking software and rank tracker tools, we've narrowed it down to the top 11 options. We'll spill all the details about these tools, point out what they're really good at, and let you know if you can test them out before subscribing to its subscription.

We've got you covered, whether you're a beginner or an advanced marketer or even if you're working with an agency. We aim to ensure you can pick the perfect keyword rank tracker for your everyday tasks.

Why You Should Use Keyword Rank Tracking Software?

Wondering why bother with keyword rank tracking software? Well, let us break it down for you.

These seo competitor rank trackers keep tabs on how your keywords are doing. If you are trying to manually analyze all that daily with accurate data, that's nearly impossible! The Keyword Rank Tracker does the heavy lifting by showing you the number of keywords your website ranks for on Google and other search engines. Plus, it catches all the changes in rankings from the previous days.

If your website is consistently climbing up, that's a good sign – it means your strategies are paying off. But, if your keywords take a hit after one of Google's algorithm updates, it's like a red flag—it's time to tweak your content strategies to keep your website in the game with the latest trends.

Here's a bonus:

seo competitor rank tracker don't just stop at your own performance. They also analyze and compare your results with your competitors. You can peek at their top pages, spot their weaknesses, and figure out how to outshine them. It's like having a secret weapon for staying one toe ahead of your competitors

Best 12 Best Rank Tracking Software for 2024

Here are some of The Best Rank Tracking Software that completes out list for the Top Picks:

SE Ranking: Best Overall

SEMrush: Best for SEO Professionals

SerpWatcher by Mangools: Best for Fast Keyword Tracking

Advanced Web Ranking: Agency Rank Tracker for Professionals

Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite: Best Desktop-based Rank Tracker

RankTracker: Best for small business

Wincher: Best For Ease of Use

Nightwatch: Best Advanced Rank Tracking software

Serpstat: Best for Marketing Team

Serpple: Best for Startups

Google Search Console: Best Free rank monitoring tool

1. SE Ranking: Best Rank Tracker Overall

SE Ranking is your go-to daily rank tracking software for agencies doing SEO work. It covers everything you need – from finding good keywords and checking where your website is linked to studying your competition and optimizing your site. It even comes with a strong tool for keeping track of your website's rank all at prices.

SE Ranking stands out as it is committed to giving you the most accurate and up-to-date info about your keywords' ranking. This is crucial because you want to know exactly where your website stands on search engine results.

SE tells you how many keywords your website ranks for, where they stand, how often people search for them, and more. You can see if some keywords dropped in rank recently or if there are new ones you should know about. It even monitors those featured snippets you often see in search results.

Another exciting feature is that it helps you identify who your competition is. You can see what keywords they are targeting and how successful they are. It's like peeking at their strategy to get more website traffic.

For agencies, the SE Ranking is even more remarkable. They offer a white-label reporting tool, so you can create reports that look like they came directly from you to impress your clients. And use Google Search Console and Analytics. You can quickly bring all that data into the SE Ranking dashboard.

2. SEMrush: Best for SEO Professionals

Semrush stands out as a leading marketing platform, and many have personally relied on it for the past three years. One of its standout features is the highly accurate position-tracking tool. This tool enables users to monitor their rankings on Google and Baidu search engines, covering both mobile and desktop platforms. Semrush is not just about rank tracking; it offers a suite of marketing tools. These include keyword research, competitor analysis, website audit, and backlinks research, providing opportunities to outperform competitors and enhance online visibility.

This enterprise rank tracking platform provides insights into rank changes. It displays the historical performance of keywords in positions 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30 on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Additionally, you can track SERP features like snippets, Google sitelinks, and knowledge panels.

A notable addition to Semrush's rank tracking tool is the SERP Volatility checker, offering insights into industry changes following Google algorithm updates. Users can add up to 10 competitors for competitive analysis, analyzing their top keywords and performance metrics

While Semrush may not be the most budget-friendly option for beginners, its higher pricing reflects its advanced and comprehensive data capabilities. It's particularly well-suited for enterprise rank tracking of mid-size businesses or enterprises willing to invest in a tool that offers in-depth insights and advanced functionalities.

3. SERPWatcher by Mangools: Best for Fast Keyword Tracking

SerpWatcher, a component of Mangools, stands out as a robust and precise rank tracking software in its domain. Notably, it is distinguished by its simplicity, making it particularly user-friendly and well-suited for beginners, thanks to its elegant user interface.

Upon entering your domain, SerpWatcher swiftly loads keyword ranking data, presenting a comprehensive list of keywords ranked in organic searches and their respective search volumes and difficulty scores. The Rank Tracker functionality extends its reach to encompass over 50,000 locations, including states, counties, cities, or DMA regions, across both desktop and mobile search results.

A noteworthy feature is the provision of daily email alerts, ensuring users stay informed about any changes in their ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Furthermore, upon completing the report, users can effortlessly share an interactive report with their clients by simply sending a link. This seamless process enhances the user experience and facilitates effective communication of valuable insights.

4. Advanced Web Ranking: Most credible Platform

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) has been a reliable platform since 2002, offering outstanding agency rank tracking services. In simple terms, AWR provides users with the most precise and up-to-date keyword ranking data, whether they are monitoring performance on mobile or desktop devices.

In addition to its core rank tracking service, AWR offers features such as competitor analysis and white-label SEO reporting, complementing its Rank Tracker functionality. The Platform allows users to monitor rankings across all search engines and various SERP features. The built-in dashboard provides a visual representation of ranking efforts, highlighting significant changes in the recent past.

One noteworthy aspect is AWR's comprehensive competitor analysis capabilities. It goes beyond merely tracking competitors' metrics and rankings, providing users with valuable insights into how they compare. The Platform enables a side-by-side comparison, allowing users to understand the content that yields the best results for their competitors.

This agency rank tracking tool is ideal for SEO agencies and professionals seeking additional features and more extensive ranking data; AWR stands out as the perfect solution. Its comprehensive set of tools and features make it well-suited for those requiring in-depth SEO performance insights.

5. Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite: Best Desktop-based All-in-One Tool

SEO Powersuite is an all-encompassing desktop-based application requiring initial download to your computer system for keyword ranking checks and other SEO tasks. Typically, a free version with limited data access is available. However, as a paid subscriber, you gain unrestricted access to analyze keyword positions, including unlimited mobile and desktop rankings, competitor ranking, and local ranking tracked across 597 search engines.

One drawback worth noting is the tool's deep data, coupled with a user interface that may seem dated, potentially posing a learning curve for novice SEOs. If you can overlook this aspect, SEO Powersuite presents a comprehensive option for various SEO tasks.

The application graphically displays your website's traffic graph, the keywords it presently ranks for, and additional features on the (SERP). You can integrate with Google Analytics and Search Console, providing valuable SEO reporting capabilities, especially advantageous for marketing agencies.

SEO Powersuite is well-suited for SEO agencies and small businesses, offering more than just a rank tracker. Its additional features, including keyword research, technical SEO audit, backlink research, and content optimizer, make it a favorable choice for those who seek a holistic SEO solution.

6. RankTracker: Best Rank Tracker for small business

RankTracker, originally designed as an affordable and dedicated tool for monitoring website performance and optimizing SEO campaigns, has evolved to offer a suite of useful tools. These additions include keyword research, site audit, backlink analysis, and a SERP simulator.

Primarily, the core function of RankTracker is keyword rank tracking, providing essential information about your website's position, tracking SERP features, and facilitating easy identification of your competitor's keywords. It allows customization for different locations, search engines, devices, or languages.

RankTracker features a built-in SERP simulator tool for those keen on competitor research. This tool analyzes your competitor's weaknesses in search engine results pages, offering valuable insights. Moreover, the device stands out with its white-label and Google Search Console integration options, adding a unique dimension to its capabilities.

It is ideal for small businesses and beginners operating within limited budgets. RankTracker doesn't fall short compared to competitors. Despite its affordability, it proves to be a potent tool suitable for various SEO research purposes. For an in-depth exploration, you can refer to our RankTracker review.

7. Wincher: Best For Ease of Use

Wincher is an exceptional keyword rank tracking tool, offering affordability and simplicity, making it suitable for agencies and individuals. Beyond providing ranking data for various keywords, Wincher goes the extra mile by offering suggestions on enhancing your existing pages.

To explore its capabilities, you can initiate a 7-day free trial to add keywords and analyze their performance daily. This analysis yields unique data, including the average position on the Search Engine Results Pages, keyword search volume, and a comprehensive history of position changes.

Wincher incorporates a fully integrated keyword research tool with its rank tracker, simplifying the discovery of additional keyword suggestions. This feature includes estimated metrics and a 24-month history for any keyword.

8. Nightwatch: Best Advanced Rank Tracking software

Nightwatch is one of the most precise and user-friendly rank-tracking tools, crafted explicitly for its designated purpose. Unlike other rank-tracking software options, NightWatch excels in robustness, making it the top choice. A notable feature is its swift creation of custom keyword segmentation, allowing users to quickly assess their performance in search results.

NightWatch goes beyond tracking keywords solely on Google; it extends its reach to other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and YouTube, covering both mobile and desktop platforms. The tool offers seamless integration with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, facilitating data importation for performance monitoring. It's important to note that NightWatch is primarily designed for rank tracking and does not include competitor research or keyword analysis features.

9. Serpstat: Best for Marketing Team

Serpstat is a premier "growth hacking software," offering an extensive suite with over 50 marketing tools tailored for SEO, PPC, and content marketing purposes. This tool is essential for monitoring keyword rankings in both organic and paid search outcomes for any given domain. It provides the flexibility to assess keyword performance globally or focus on specific locations for local insights. Users can analyze dynamic changes on their site and easily compare results with competitors. Notably, Serpstat allows the targeting and tracking of separate pages or categories on a website.

Like SE Ranking, Serpstat includes white-label SEO reporting capabilities, simplifying the creation and sharing of reports with clients.

10. Serpple: Best for Startups

Serpple is a newly introduced product in the Indian market, making it likely unfamiliar to many users. However, its recent launch positions it as a promising option, particularly for beginners who appreciate the simplicity and affordability of a rank-tracking tool.

This tool boasts an enhanced and innovative user interface (UI), catering to those who prefer an uncomplicated and user-friendly experience. It diligently tracks your keyword rankings on Google daily, offering actionable insights and goals to enhance your ranking position. Serpple leverages artificial intelligence to analyze competitor strategies, allowing users to compare results and identify hidden opportunities.

In addition to the Rank Tracker functionality, Serpple provides a site audit, keyword research tool, and backlink monitoring tool, all within affordable pricing packages. The starter plan, priced at $19 per month, allows users to track 100 daily keywords and monitor two competitors per domain.

This plan is particularly suitable for startups. However, if your business has already established itself and you require more extensive tracking capabilities, the business level plan, priced at a fraction more, might be a more suitable choice. Its affordable pricing, coupled with a number of features, makes it a highly considered option for those entering the realm of keyword tracking.

Added Bonus - Google Search Console: (Best Free Rank Checker Tool)

Google Search Console is unlike your agency rank tracking software; it's a free website monitoring tool widely accessible to everyone. Despite its cost-free nature, it proves helpful in various scenarios. This seo competitor rank tracker offers valuable insights into the performance of your website, disclosing the frequency with which your web pages show up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and the specific terms linked to them.

Among its features, Google Search Console tracks daily search impressions, total clicks, average SERP position, and other relevant metrics. However, it's important to note that the accuracy of the information provided by Google Search Console is not guaranteed, and access to your competitors' ranking information is restricted. This limitation is understandable, given the tool's free nature.

Exploring Google Search Console is recommended as it can offer valuable insights into your website's visibility on search engines. Keep in mind that while it may have some limitations, especially in competitor analysis, its free availability makes it a widely utilized and accessible tool.

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