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How To Get Website On Google First Page

How To Get Website On Google First Page

If you are on Google's second or third page, we have some information for you. You, my friend, are hardly noticeable. SparkToro reports that Google Search, Google Images, plus Google Maps account for 92.96% of all traffic in the world. Nowadays, the main goal of businesses is increasing online traffic. That's why companies everywhere aim to be among the first search engines to suggest in response to certain queries. The challenge is in actually putting this plan into action.

Here, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial since it improves your site's exposure in the SERPs (search engine results pages) and, in turn, your site's traffic. My experience in website optimization has taught me a few things that will set your site out from the others in this era of information glut.

Conversely, to make your hunt of getting real-time engagements. While gaining organic traffic on your website, we are here to the rescue! In this informative piece based on the latest stats and trends, we are going to unlock the mystery of becoming the “number 1”. Yes, you got it right, it’s about “How To Get Website On Google First Page.”

What is SEO?

Before you get into knowing how to get ranked number one. The most important question is, “What is SEO?”. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO improves a website's rankings in search engines, particularly in the more trustworthy organic search results.

In addition, organic search is one way that people discover new content on the internet, and higher rankings may contribute to more people discovering a website through this channel.

Therefore, SEO combines technical and content strategies to fulfill search engines' needs. Regular SEO tasks include content creation, keyword research and implementation, and link building.

Do you know? According to think with google, When looking for something specific, 76% of smartphone users will visit a local establishment the same day. And you’re still here questioning the significance and imitation of SEO for your eCommerce store?

Why Is Researching Longtail Keywords With Low Competition A Master’s Stroke?

SEO relies heavily on keywords. When first starting out, many businesses make the mistake of focusing solely on the most popular keywords, regardless of the fact that the resulting search queries are actually relevant to their products or services. This is a formula for disaster since it prevents them from being an industry leader for the keywords that accurately describe their products and services.

Long-tail keywords are search terms that consist of three words or more. There is less demand for them and fewer people competing for them. That's why these opportunities are easier to seize. You can use these kinds of searches to not only uncover less competitive search phrases but also to find specific niches and categories.

If there is a sizable enough audience in a space where there are fewer competitors, you have a much better chance of finding success.

Example Of Long-Tail Keywords

"Makeup" yields thousands of hits for hundreds of brands and types of makeup. New or smaller makeup websites cannot rank for "makeup."

Let's create some long-tail head phrases with additional search intent.

“nature-friendly makeup”

Since long-tail keywords target specific demographics in makeup. Use one of these lengthier keywords to reach an easier audience. In this scenario, eco-conscious consumers want natural items.

Tips To Find The Best Longtail Keywords

We're merely explaining. We'll provide you with five simple ways to uncover conversion-generating longtail keywords;

1. Google your head term and allow it auto-complete terms.

2. Google has "searches related to" terms.

3. Social media can reveal what individuals are searching for.

4. Search forums for queries.

5. Google’s "people also ask" box following your search.

Free Tools For Longtail Keyword Research With Low Competition

These are my favorite tools for finding long-tail keywords:

1. Scout Suggest

2. SEMrush

3. Ubersuggest

4. Answer The Public

Each of these programs has a different strategy for merging data in order to recommend relevant keywords and content.

The Role Of Keyword Intent To Increase Conversion Rate

When it is to keyword analysis, the idea of "keyword intent" stands head and shoulders above all others. It aids in tailoring content and websites to consumers' specific goals and objectives. Therefore, detecting problems with search referral conversions begins with an analysis of terms by intent.

4 Types of Keyword Intent

1. Commercial Intent

This is the "buy now" purpose. It indicates a strong intent to purchase, join, subscribe, etc. Keyword phrases with these modifications are typical:

Buy (online)

Coupon (code)


Free shipping, etc.

These searches lead to the most purchases.

2. Informational Intent

Informational intent suggests the searcher wants to learn more about the idea. These are helpful for creating "gated" material and gathering emails, but selling to them is definitely a bad idea. Modifiers for informational queries include:

How to . . .

Why . . .

Best way to . . .

History of . . .

Anatomy of . . .

What . . . means

3. Transactional Intent

Transactional intent is between commercial and informational. These inquiries can mean both buying and learning more. With the correct content and layout, those looking may buy or convert further down the funnel. Keywords like:

. . . Reviews

. . . vs . . .

Best . . .

Top 10 . . .

4. Navigational Intent

Brand names indicate navigational intent. Therefore, brand searches are yours. If someone searches for your brand, they know what they want—just offer it to them. such as;

Facebook login

Youtube music videos

Amazon shopping

LSI Keywords Add To A Better SEO Ranking

What Does LSI Stand For?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords help search engines better understand the meaning of a page's content by grouping related concepts together.

The Indirect Relation Of LSI Keywords To SERP

While LSI keywords themselves do not directly impact the ranking of a page, they can indirectly contribute to improved rankings in the following ways:

Content Relevancy

LSI keywords assist search engines understand your page's topic and relevancy. Using a variety of related terms adds context and authority to your work.

Consumer Intent

LSI keywords match search query intent. LSI keywords that are widely connected with a topic or query improve user intent matching and content value. Higher engagement metrics like dwell time and bounce rate might indirectly affect rankings.

Natural Language Processing

Google has improved its natural language understanding. LSI keywords that commonly occur in conversations about a topic increase semantic relevance. Search engines better grasp your page's context and theme.

Topic Clustering

LSI keywords enhance subject clustering. By linking relevant information around a critical theme, you can show search engines that you've covered a topic thoroughly. This can boost keyword rankings.


Note that LSI keywords can help rank a page. It's vital to focus on developing high-quality, useful material that combines important LSI keywords effortlessly and is user-friendly.

Human-Friendly Content The Real Hero To Rank Your Website

80% of marketers consider content production crucial, per the State of Inbound study. Conversely, content marketing also takes up an average of 26% of business-to-business (B2B) advertising expenses.

So, it's highly important that you are writing for humans and not systems. Still didn't get it? let's see the top five benefits of human-friendly content;

• Ease of Use Enhancement

• Better Readability and Understanding

• Increased Participation and Social Media Sharing

• Building Credibility and Trust in Your Online Presence Improves SEO Results

However, if you are not interlinking keywords with respective topics. Then even the smartest SEO strategy will go in vain.

Google Search Snippet And Its Main Advantages To Rank Your Website

Snippets are short descriptions or summaries of search results that appear on Google Search along with other Google domains (such as Google News). By the same relation, the meta-description element on each page is one of several factors. Therefore, Google considers when automatically deciding on the best snippet to display.

Additionally make use of page-specific data or generate enriched returns based on the page's markup and content.

How are Snippets and CTRs Connected?

There is a correlation between CTR and featured snippets in Google searches. Snippets are the short summaries or descriptions of a page's content that appear on the search engine results page (SERP). Therefore, CTR with snippets is related in the following ways:


Snippets on SERPs can boost a webpage's visibility. If the excerpt answers the user's question and grabs their attention, they'll click on the link to read the whole. A well-written snippet increases CTR.


Google wants to give users the best results. Snippets that match page content and user intent are more probable to get clicks. Create appealing snippets that match what the user is looking for to increase clicks and CTR.


Snippets can distinguish search results. You may stand out in search results by writing compelling snippets that showcase your content's unique qualities. The snippet's unique value proposition can boost CTR

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets show above typical search results on Google. Featured snippets satisfy user inquiries and are relevant. Moreover, featured snippets enhance visibility and CTR because people are inclined to click on the most prominent result to see the full result.


Snippet CTR can reveal content and snippet efficacy. By evaluating click-through rates, you may find patterns, try multiple snippet styles, and refine your snippets to increase user engagement and CTR over time.

How To Increase The Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Additionally, CTR helps to comprehend your customers and what works and doesn't when attempting to reach them. You may be approaching an incorrect audience or not communicating their language well enough to encourage them to click if your CTR is poor. To make it easier for you, mentioned below are tips to improve the CTR;

• Optimization of the content’s title and body

• Effective call-to-action (CTA)

• Infographics

• Low competition keywords

The Role Of Powerful Meta Titles And Descriptions

Meta titles and meta descriptions come under the banner of Metadata. It is essential for SEO. Metadata informs search engines about page content. It aids search engines in understanding page content. An average character count for meta title and description is 60 characters and 160 characters respectively.

Unlocking Tips To Write Optimized Meta Titles And Meta Descriptions

If browsers search for "SEO trends for 2023," this meta description may display. While having a similar title. Mentioned below are the top tips to write compelling titles and descriptions. Ultimately increasing CTR and the probability of ranking number 1 on Google’s ranking

• Answer your audience

• Provide solution

• Be concisely clear

• Avoid overusing

• Right keyword placement

• Be unique, be you

Image Alt Tags Used To Rank Pages

What Are Image Alt Tags?

HTML tags called alt attributes are used to describe images on web pages aka image alt tags. The alt tag in HTML code describes the image to consumers and search engines.

5 Key Uses Of Image Alt Tags To Increase Website’s Ranking

• Website Accessibility

• Website visibility and ranking

• Better readability

Aesthetically Pleasing Web Design To Impress Google SERP

Simplicity is the new fancy. Especially if a website needs higher rankability and user engagement. Interfaces ought not to include unnecessary information. Extra data within an interface conflicts with helpful information and reduces its visibility.

Tips To Make A Simple But Professional Web Design

Though you can get in touch with web designing experts like Webwolfs to get the job done. Webwolfs is one of the most reputable U.S.-based affordable custom web designing firms. But to bless you with basics, mentioned below are five tips to make an aesthetically pleasing and simple website;

• Visualize utilizing design concepts

• Reduce design "noise"

• Use positive visual patterns

• Recognize that beauty is subjective

Your Website Need To Be Mobile-Friendly

Do you know? According to Statista’s recent survey, mobile phones generate 58.99% of global internet traffic. And you think developing a mobile un-friendly site will get you the desired conversions? A big NO!

5 Tips To Make A Mobile-Friendly Website

• Responsive, simple clutter-free, web design

• Website speed

• Compress images with readable font

• HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash

• Testing over and over again to check the viability

UI And UX Are The Marvels Of A Website

What Is UI And What Is UX?

UI and UX stand for user interface and user experience, respectively. These are interlinked as a good user interface provides a better user experience. Since the interface is the web design. Ultimately, its friendliness with SEO and consumers is the factor that elevates user experience. Thus impacting a website’s overall Google rankability.

Tips To Improve User Interface And User Experience Of A Website

To save your digital marketing efforts giving waste, turn to the tips mentioned below. And improvise UI/UX for higher conversion and rankability;

• Save some white space

• Quicken the pace of your page

• Make your calls to action appealing

• Differentiate with hyperlinks

• Use bullet points to break out the most important points

• Make good use of visuals

• Don't forget to use catchy headlines

• Maintain cohesion across your site's pages

• To gather your 404s

• Adapt to different screen sizes and devices

A GMB Profile Impact Website’s Rankability

What is a GMB Profile?

GMB stands for Google My Business. Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool for boosting a company's online visibility in local search results. It's a Google-specific tool that helps companies control and improve their web presence.

What Are The Benefits Of GMB?

Search Engine Watch reports that 50% of mobile local searchers reach a retailer. Organic searches and Google My Business generate purchases, given the prevalence of smartphones.

If you're still unsure about their benefits for your website or business, consider this: by optimizing these platforms, you can increase visibility, attract targeted traffic, and drive conversions. In today's digital landscape, leveraging these strategies is crucial.

As mentioned below are some of the benefits of GMB to increase your website’s Google rankability;

• Better web visibility

• Free and easy to use

• GMB Allows Maps and Local Pack Listings

• GMB Allows Business Reviews and Offers Valuable Insights

How To Create A GMB Profile?

• Go to > login to your Google accounts

• Enter your business name and address

• Select your business type (service provider or storefront)

• Choose your business category

• Add working contact details

• Verification of local listings (search maps)

• End up by optimizing your GMB Profile with valuable content related to your business

Bingo! You have got a GMB profile now!

High-Quality Backlinks Are The Real Showstoppers To Rank A Website On Google

What Is A Backlink?

One website linking to another creates a backlink. Backlinks are "incoming links" or "inbound links." SEO stands on backlinks.

Search engines see backlinks to your site as endorsements. Search engines may surface information on SERPs if several sites link to it. Thus, backlinks can improve a site's rating or search exposure.

Create High-Quality Backlinks

Though when it is to SEO, according to HubSpot almost 41% of businesses consider backlinking as the main challenge. Following are the winning strategies behind high-quality backlinks. Ultimately creating brand awareness for your business.

• Quality content

• Guest blogging

• Outreach and Networking

• Broken Link Building

• Online Directories and Listings

• Collaborations and Partnerships

• Public Relations and Press Releases

Top 5 Benefits Of High-Quality Backlinks

• Higher Positions in Search Results

• Organic Visitor Growth Higher Domain Authority Quicker Indexing

• Value of Exposure to Brands Over Time

• Edge in the market


In conclusion, if you follow these steps, you should see improved search engine rankings over time; but, this will still take some time. How much longer? It's tough to make an accurate prediction.

A survey of 4,300 SEO professionals conducted by found that 83.8% believe SEO results take a 3-month period or more to appear.

From valuable content to technical SEO to being backlink strategy to user-friendly web design to creating a GMB profile for higher brand awareness, the process of rankability is now at your fingertips.

Therefore, make sure you make the most out of it with your own pinch of customization.

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