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Mastering The Navigation Art With Web Design Louisville KY

It's really simple to ignore a website's navigational layout. After all, most individuals should be able to navigate from one page to the next rather fast, right?

Maybe. However, the layout of your pages - both graphically and in terms of file structure - is more important than you might say. Due to this, we'd like to provide some straightforward navigational dos and don'ts for better web design louisville ky company websites.

Using Descriptive Navigation Labels

Using descriptive navigation labels is beneficial for both search engines and visitors. Generic labels like "products" or "services" do not help with SEO as they are not specific. Descriptive labels instantly communicate what your company does and can help with search rankings.

Pages with generic labels also have an SEO disadvantage. Focusing on a specific topic on each page can increase the chance of ranking.

Working On Drop Down Menus

Usability studies indicate that drop-down menus can frustrate visitors, and cause them to skip important pages. However, mega menus, a large dropdown menus with many elements, can be useful for sites with lots of pages or diverse products/services.

Mega menus allow for descriptive text, groupings, icons, content, and calls to action, making that moment of friction worth it.

Making A CTA Header

For a web design Louisville KY, adding a contact button in the header is a common and effective way to encourage visitors to reach out. Using a contrasting color or a more specific call to action can make it more visually prominent.

A/B testing with Google Optimize can help improve the button's clickthrough rate without any software or costs.

Keeping Fewer Navigational Options

Having fewer links in your website's navigation as a part of web design Louisville KY, can be better for search engines. This is because the homepage has the most authority and that authority flows to interior pages through the navigation. If there are too many links, the authority is divided among them, making it more difficult for pages to rank high in search results.

Cutting the number of links in half can double the amount of authority passed from the homepage and increase the chances of ranking high.

Having fewer items in your navigation is also good for visitors as it makes the information easier to scan and process. If there are too many items, visitors may miss important ones.

Breaking them up into groups is an option if you need to use more than seven items. Removing a menu item makes everything left more visually prominent and more likely to be seen and considered by visitors.

‘Not’ Ignoring The Search Bar

It is essential to have a search bar on your website because it is one of the simplest ways for users to find what they are looking for. Yet a search bar is either absent from or hard to discover on many websites.

Because of this, it's essential to have a search bar on your website where users would expect to see it, such as in the navigation, footer, or top of the sidebar. Consider it a requirement for your website that will improve the user experience.

Summing It Up

In conclusion, a great website should be adaptable, allowing you to modify your menu labels and order effortlessly. We trust that the suggestions provided have given you fresh insights and creative inspiration for improving your menus.

With any luck, you can swiftly apply these ideas using your web design Louisville KY.

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