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How to merge two instagram accounts 2023

How To Merge Two Instagram Accounts 2023

    Table Of Content

  1. 1. Can you combine Instagram accounts ?
  2. 2. Who can Merge their Instagram Account?
  3. 3. Why Merge Your Instagram Accounts?
  4. 4. How Can I merge two Instagram accounts?
  5. 5. What happens when you merge two Instagram accounts
  6. 6. Why Should I Combine My Instagram Accounts
    1. 6.1 Consolidated Content
    2. 6.2 Enhance User Experience
    3. 6.3 Strengthen Your Brand
    4. 6.4 Humanize Your Brand
  7. 7. What are the ways to combine Instagram Accounts?
  8. 8. What to do after merging your Instagram account
    1. 8.1 Business Consolidation
    2. 8.2 Merging Process
    3. 8.3 Moving Followers
    4. 8.4 Delete Defunct Accounts
    5. 8.5 Business Acquisition
    6. 8.6 Business Name Change
    7. 8.7 Multiple Accounts for Departments
  9. 9. Final thoughts

No doubt, Instagram is a wild ride of tabs, content creation, and audience engagement.

However, juggling through several social media accounts can be tough, especially if they're all doing the same thing. Facebook makes merging easy, but Instagram? Not so much.

Let's dig into why you might want to merge your Instagram accounts, the perks it brings, and some smart strategies on how to merge Instagram accounts

Let's break it down to how you can merge Instagram accounts 2023.

Can you combine Instagram accounts ?

"Can you combine instagram accounts".

This is often the initial inquiry on many minds, and understandably so.

The uncertainty arises from the absence of a straightforward method to merge Instagram accounts instantly.

However there is definitely a way to combine your instagram together.

Who can Merge their Instagram Account?

Before that, here's what you have to make sure before you merge your Instagram account.

First things first, the accounts you're eyeing for must belong to the same individual or business entity. Think of it like merging two streams into one river; they need to flow in the same direction.

You've got to shoot a message over to Instagram's support team, like sending an invitation to the big merge party. They'll take a good look at your request and maybe throw in a couple of questions to make sure everything aligns.

After your request gets the green light, the followers, posts, and all that good stuff from the secondary account will shimmy their way over to the primary account.

NOTE: Once you've merged, there's no turning back. Review, reflect, and make absolutely sure that this merger is the move your Instagram needs.

Why Merge Your Instagram Accounts?

Before you jump into the main plot, let's get why businesses bother merging Instagram accounts.

Well it’s done mostly when people need to tidy up their content, give followers a smoother ride, build a beefier brand, add a human touch, or sprinkle in some variety.

How Can I merge two Instagram accounts?

Now, the burning question most people ask is, "can i merge instagram accounts?" Drumroll, please... Nope, not within Instagram's native solutions. Don't throw in the towel because we've got a way that might help you combine your Instagram.

Before that it’s important to get into the deets of what happens when you merge two Instagram accounts.

What happens when you merge two Instagram accounts

When you merge instagram accounts, it's like combining the best of both worlds into one unified profile. Merging Instagram accounts is a thoughtful step toward simplicity and cohesion.

It not only saves you from juggling multiple profiles but also ensures that your followers get a more comprehensive and enriched experience from your content. Here's what happens

All your photos, videos, and posts from both accounts come together in one place. It's like creating a digital scrapbook that captures the essence of both accounts.

Your followers from both accounts will be combined. This means you won't lose any of your hard-earned followers, and they'll get to see all your content in one feed.

Your Instagram Stories from both accounts will be archived on the merged profile. It's a great way to preserve those fleeting moments and share them with your audience.

Why Should I Combine My Instagram Accounts

Merging Instagram accounts is like tidying up your content closet for businesses. It makes everything way more organized and cohesive, especially when you've got accounts scattered around for different places or reasons.

Think about it this way: If you've got one account instead of many, it's like having all your favorite snacks in one cupboard – easy to find, easy to enjoy. Now, let's dig a bit deeper into the strategies that you can use after you combine Instagram for business integration and rebranding.

1. Consolidated Content

Merging your content helps you consolidate your content in a nutshell. When businesses merge their accounts, they're essentially saying, "Hey, let's bring all our cool stuff under one roof."

This helps them keep things in check, especially if they've got different accounts for different places or purposes.

2. Enhance User Experience

When you merge Instagram accounts, it eases the follower experience, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple accounts to access diverse content.

It establishes a cohesive platform where followers can easily find all relevant updates without the complexity of managing distinct channels.

This strategic consolidation simplifies the user journey, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

3. Strengthen Your Brand

Consolidating all assets into a single entity enhances the strength and unity of a brand's presence. This holds when you merge two Instagram accounts.

The approach of combining Instagram accounts fosters a cohesive brand image, reinforcing recognition and resonance with the audience.

In essence, centralizing assets contributes significantly to building a robust and unified brand identity.

4. Humanize Your Brand

Combining personal and business accounts helps humanize the brand, fostering a stronger connection with the audience.

Merging accounts introduces diversity in content, audience, and monetization methods, keeping followers engaged and amplifying marketing efforts.

What are the ways to combine Instagram Accounts?

Combining Instagram accounts can be a strategic move to simplify your social media management and create a unified online presence.

Let's break it down step by step and show you how to combine Instagram accounts together.

Step 1:

Hop onto Circleboom Publish, and log in. If you don't have an account, no worries – creating one is a breeze.

Step 2:

Head to the home dashboard, spot Instagram among the options and click on it. Make sure that your Instagram account is transitioned into a business account to enable the execution of this feature.

Step 3:

Link your Instagram account to Circleboom's dashboard. Repeat the process for other profiles you want to merge.

Step 4:

Time to create some content! Click on "Create New Post" and get that post ready for the world.

Step 5:

In the account selection box, pick the Instagram accounts you want to bless with your content. You can even create sub-groups for those accounts as well.

Step 6:

Afterward, dive into the content creation process. Oh, and here's a gem: Circleboom Publish comes with a built-in Canva API.

Step 7:

Now hit that "Post" button, and your content will grace your selected accounts.

What to do after merging your Instagram account

1. Business Consolidation

Firstly, it's important to inform followers about the changes, explain the benefits, and tag the other account in posts to maintain transparency.

2. Merging Process

Next set the live accounts to private during the transition to avoid new engagements.

While Instagram doesn't directly support merging, creating a new account and manually transferring content using third-party tools is an option.

3. Moving Followers

To move followers to the new account, create a post notifying them of the change, making it easy by tagging the new account and updating bios accordingly.

4. Delete Defunct Accounts

After the merge, delete old accounts to prevent confusion and ensure interactions happen on the consolidated, active account.

5. Business Acquisition

When acquiring a business, assess whether to maintain separate identities or merge accounts. If merging, encourage followers to move to the main account through informative posts over a period.

6. Business Name Change

Changing a business name on Instagram is straightforward. Still, considerations include changing the name or username, impacting the URL, and potential engagement drop.

Notify followers, update handles on all platforms, and edit links to mitigate negative impacts.

7. Multiple Accounts for Departments

Managing multiple departmental accounts requires efficient tools. Use Instagram's account switching or set up Multi-Account Log In.

On desktop, leverage Creator Studio or employ social media management tools like Hootsuite for a centralized approach.

Final thoughts

If you're feeling fancy and want to schedule posts or create a post queue, Circleboom Publish has got your back.

Just be careful and take it step by step to avoid any issues. This way, you can keep building a strong brand on Instagram without any hurdles.

No more tabs, no more chaos . It’s just smooth sailing on one dashboard.

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